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About Judy

About Judy Baeske Party Solutions

Judy with friend Zack in 2006

As a teenager on the East Coast, Judy Baeske fronted as a singer with a rock band while attending college.

Later, as the owner of a boutique and music store in Georgia, her “Parties can be Fun” column in the town's newspaper differentiated her company’s services from those of the competition.

Moving to Canada in the late 1980’s, Judy learned that there was more to the world of business ownership and entertainment. She met Jack Long and they forged into a mutual corporation working with some of the local businesses and church groups in the community. Success took it toll and Judy soon found herself working 18 hour days and not enjoying what for years had been fun.

After relocating from Canada to the "Harbour Resort" in NH, with her boyfriend and two small dogs in 1994, she put all of her early business talents together and became an instant hit with local organizations. Her ability to make everyone enjoy the fun in life, earned her citizen of the year honors and a place on the city board for recreation. The old Judy had returned in force!

These days, she is starting over after a five year "holiday" voyage around-the-world. Her high-level entertainment themes to private and corporate clients, jazz festivals and venues has been missed for those years.

Her communication skills will soon be shown in her new book "Never in politics but always with the political crowd. The book deals with her early days as a fund raiser for several political party hopefulls. As Judy says, I never had one of my clients not win!

Not only does Baeske know how to work with adults, her talent for working with children is beyond belief. Having earned a Masters in early child development, Judy is able to bring out the best in small children.

Judy is taking a gamble with her Party Solution company but said that now is the time the world needs a bit of fun and relaxation. With the economy the way it is, I can brighten the day and provide the hope for the future.

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